Chalet 's Hirschhüüsli

Vattiz, Switzerland




Chalet 's Hirschhüüsli lies in the little hamlet Vattiz in the beautiful Val Lumnezia, the valley of light, in the kanton of Graubünden, Switzerland. Vattiz belongs to the counsil of Degen. It lies on the south facing slopes of the Piz Mundaun at 1254 müM. 106 people live in Vattiz. The local language in the Val Lumnezia is Retoromanisch, but most people also speak the Swiss-German dialect and high German. The most important building in Vattiz is the Kapelle St. Nicolaus und Valentin that dates back to the year 1700. Vattiz offers a lot of peace and quiet, but the Val Lunmezia offers a wide range of things to do for everybody whatever the season.



Slideshow Vattiz and direct surroundings

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